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The Mossy Rill.   22"x28". Oil. 2024. 

This painting and the 4 paintings immediately following will be on exhibit at the Prix de West Invitational at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City throughout the summer.


The Boundary Waters.  24"x 30". Oil.  2024. 

From My Window.    24" x 30".          Oil.   2024. 

From My Window.  24"x 30". Oil. 2024. 

Heralds of Autumn.            30" x 36"            Oil on canvas.


Sycamore Daybreak.  24"x 20".  Oil.  2024


Marsh Mosaic.  20"x 24".  Oil.  2024.   

The Grand Passage                   36"x48"                       Oil on Canvas

Veteran Campaigner                    18" x 24"                          Oil on panel

Distant Thunder                         20"x24"                              Oil on canvas

Ice Age Visitors                      30" x 36"                    Oil on canvas.

After the Harvest            40" x 50".           Oil on canvas.

Midwinter Thaw.            22" x 28".           Oil on canvas.

Gilded Sanctuary           24" x 28"             Gold, silver, copper, and oil on canvas.

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